Request to Meet with the Tribal Council

Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation Request to Meet with Tribal Council Form. If after reviewing the form you do not believe a meeting is necessary but would like to raise a matter to the attention of the Tribal Council please send an email to [email protected].

General Guidelines:

  • All Requests to Meet with Tribal Council must adhere to the outlined process.
  • All forms must be filled out completely and signed by the TM\Requestor.
  • Tribal Council will not accept any form with one sentence statements. Each
    section must be completed with detailed explanations.
  • No meeting will be scheduled until the TM follows the proper chain of command
    prior to completing the Request to Meet with Tribal Council Form. Note: Human
    Resources will be present at the Tribal Council meeting when relevant to
    employment related matters. Legal will be present for any legal matters.
  • All matters will be referred to the originating area where the problem or concern
    has arisen to ensure proper feedback and to ensure chain of command is being
    followed, unless there is a conflict.


  • TM/Requestor will complete the “Request to Meet with Tribal Council Form” in
    detail and turn into the Office of the Tribal Council Secretary.
  • The Office of Tribal Council Secretary will open a file and submit the form along
    with any attachments to Tribal Council and to the appropriate department or
    committee within 1 business day.
  • The department or committee chair will have 5 business days to respond in
    writing to the Office of Tribal Council Secretary with supporting documentation
    unless the matter is deemed urgent by Tribal Council.
  • Tribal Council will review the information supplied by the TM/requestor, the
    department, and/or any other supporting documentation deemed relevant to the
    matter. Tribal Council will then schedule a meeting, if deemed necessary.
  • Any decision by the Tribal Council is final.